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Crowcroft Park Community Project

This term at Melland High School, students from LG1 have taken part in a project in conjunction with Greater Manchester Police and Longsight Neighbourhood Policing Team at Crowcroft Park. 

Students have taken responsibility for cleaning and maintaining the site and demonstrated excellent teamwork and self-management by organising themselves into groups and working together to look after the area. 

The project also involves, repairing, maintaining, and repurposing stolen and lost bikes handed into the police station with the aim of redistributing them to the community.

Pupils will also be learning how to repair and maintain the bicycles. Over the course of the project the pupils will be developing their communication and problem-solving skills as they learn how the different parts of the bike work and what they could do if they get a puncture, or the chain broke whilst out on a bike ride. They will also develop their confidence and self-belief as the they gain more independence to repair the bikes by themselves.

LG1 have been a credit to the school and excellent role models for the local area, well done!

G1 group’s social Interaction programme

As part of their social interaction programme two students from the G1 group visited the 6th form café this week. As you can see by the delighted look on their faces, they were both very excited to be there!  After looking at the menu on the tabletop, they both chose something appetising to investigate further before settling themselves at a table to await the arrival of more students. They are looking forward to visiting the café again next week and to further developing their social interaction skills.

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