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Melland High School is an ‘outstanding’ special school in Gorton. Our pupils have a range of significant difficulties and complex learning needs. The outreach team from Melland HS is led by two experienced Specialist Leaders of Education and fully supported by the whole school team.

 The purpose of our service is to provide outreach support to mainstream high schools to support the inclusion of pupils with cognition and learning difficulties up to L2 (KS3) and L3 (KS4). 

Aims of Outreach Service

We offer outreach support for mainstream high schools across Central and East Manchester

  • To work with high schools in the district to identify common needs and develop district and school based projects and responses;
  • To build the capacity of high schools to improve outcomes for pupils with cognition and learning difficulties;
  • To raise expectations in the quality of teaching and impact on learning to pupils with SEN;
  • To liaise with the district resourced mainstream high school
  • To share outreach practice and agree clear pathways for referral.
Proud to part of the Bright Futures Education Trust
Melland High School
Gorton Education Village
50 Wembley Road, Gorton, Manchester, M18 7DT
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