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Equality of Opportunity

Equality of Opportunity

Equal opportunity at Melland High School recognises and celebrates our similarities and our diversity as individuals and groups. We recognise that all individuals have an intrinsic right to be nurtured in such a way as they are able to reach their full potential. Equal opportunity accepts that while we all have something of value to contribute, we do not all start at the same point.   Melland High School works hard to differentiate and maximise personal achievement.

At Melland High School:

  • All students are equal regardless of their religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race, gender, and gender identity and ability.

We ensure that students understand that this doesn’t mean everybody in the classroom is treated the same. Occasionally, it means that students require extra help or individual support so that they are provided with the same opportunities and outcomes as others.

  • Differences are respected, recognised, and valued because diversity is a strength.

All differences are taken into account as we work hard to eliminate the disadvantages and barriers with which some students are faced. These differences may relate to ethnicity, gender, faith, disability, or sexual orientation. We believe that diversity is a strength, and it should be celebrated and respected by all the school’s students, teachers, and visitors.

  • Positive relationships and attitudes are fostered throughout the school.

Students, staff, and visitors benefit from actively promoting mutual respect and positive attitudes between communities and groups that differ from one another.

  • A shared sense of belonging and inclusion is encouraged in the classroom.

All members of oour school community are encouraged to share a sense of belonging in both the school and the wider community. This helps everyone to feel respected  and to respect one another.

  • We have the highest expectations for all our students.

We believe that all pupils can achieve good progress and attain their highest potential.

  • We challenge stereotyping and prejudice.

In our school, all incidences of prejudice-based bullying are reported and challenged. This includes racism, homophobia, or the bullying of somebody due to a disability. We also actively challenge gender-based and any other stereotypes.

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