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Preparing for Adulthood

Melland High School is committed to providing the best support and pathways into adulthood for our students.

Adulthood is an important time in life when young people and their families face many changes and have choices to make. When thinking about the future and to achieve the best, it is important to start planning early. Talking to friends, family, school and professionals is important in sharing key information and providing support by making the steps to achieving individual goals clearer.  At Melland High School, we are committed to listening to the voices of students and their families from the start of their time here.

The transition years from childhood to adulthood raises new challenges and opportunities for most individuals however, for young people with SEND, the transition may take longer and will likely require additional preparation.

Melland High School recognises that parents and carers will have been thinking about the future for a long time and it’s never too early to start discussing your hopes and aspirations for your child.  Starting these discussions in Year 7 and building on from a smooth and informed transition from the primary setting is the best way to underpin the four pillars of the Preparing for Adulthood (PfA) principles. Support offered as the students’ progress through the different pathways into the Sixth Form at MHS increases the likelihood for successful transitions into post-19 provision.

Preparation for Adulthood guidance as developed by the Department for Education and the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) aims to help all young people get ready for adult life.

The key areas of PfA cover four main themes:

  • opportunities for further education and employment
  • independent living including access to supported living.
  • having friends, relationships and being part of the community.
  • being healthy

This is an exciting time for children and young people with SEND to become successful young adults who are forming their adult lives and the way they want to live. Preparing for Adulthood (PfA) is inclusive and empowers people to achieve whilst promoting community participation, independence and being healthy.

It is important that young people start thinking about what they would like to achieve for the future, consider what they are interested in and enjoy. School support students to speak to others to see how their goals can be achieved and what or who will help.  

Melland High School is committed to delivering opportunities for all students to make the best possible steps towards adulthood.

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