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KS3 Explore the Classics

Throughout the Spring Term, KS3 have been exploring the wonderful world of Greek gods, mortal heroes and mythical beasts.  Students have become familiar with some of the most well-known tales from Ancient Greece, including Heracles, Pandora’s box, Perseus and Medusa.

Students have enjoyed retelling these famous tales and have showcased their talent when performing and becoming mythical creatures themselves.

Throughout the module, students developed their reading comprehension skills through a range of engaging activities, including making predictions, writing summaries, comparing and contrasting two similar myths, exploring characters in role, and using the text to justify their answers and opinions.

We then learnt about Ancient Greece and how Greeks used pots in their everyday life. We researched the work of archaeologists and their findings on pots that have been recovered over time. Students then used their creative skills and designed and then made their very own clay Greek Pots. Students then carefully painted their creations and are very proud of their finished products!

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