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What is Enrichment?

Enrichment gives students the opportunities to try new and varied activities that develop character, resilience and motivation, and encourage them to pursue wider goals. It helps to teach life skills that benefit young people  beyond the classroom, and can promote an appreciation for cultural and community issues, teamwork and social responsibility.

Much enrichment takes place outside the classroom or the usual timetable. Enrichment clubs and activities can take many forms and can enhance social and teamwork skills as well as help students develop their interests and talents.

Melland High School believes that all student groups benefit from enrichment in school, and we provide a wide and varied range of opportunities and interventions to ensure that students can access whatever suits the individual best. This can include activities to learn and discover new hobbies and interests that lie outside of the traditional classroom setting. Outdoor enrichment activities might include a gardening class, a scavenger hunt for specific types of leaves and flowers, a nature hike to explore animal habitats and trees, playing outdoor games and tag to work on coordination, or simple floor chalk art activities that help students explore their artistic abilities.

 Melland High School aims to help students to develop social and interpersonal skills through non curricular activities, to pass on their skills and knowledge to younger students, such as by being a Student Leader, House Captain, Mentor or Reading Buddy.  All staff encourage and support the students to participate as fully as possible within and beyond school.

Diverse enrichment opportunities at Melland High School include:

  • Lunchtime clubs such as computing, music, art and sports.
  • Music lessons and opportunities to use musical talents, for example in choirs and shows – both practising and performing.
  • School plays, shows, festivals, assemblies and sports day.
  • School trips to both educational and cultural events.
  • Outdoor learning opportunities
  • Whole-school events like World Book Day, Mental Health Week, cultural celebrations.
  • Media Projects such as film, animation, and radio show or podcast
  • Visiting speakers, for example authors, local figures or parents who have skills or expertise to share (e.g. a firefighter or vet)
  • Being active in the local community
  • Duke of Edinburgh awards and associated expeditions
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