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Outstanding Shakespearian Success at Melland

LG1s Performance of Hamlet

Melland 6th Formers from Learner Group 1 have been working incredibly hard since September to prepare and perform and film Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’. During their drama, art and design and media lesson’s the students have rehearsed, designed and created masks and developed animations to construct an amazing production. It was a huge success with amazing feedback across the board.

The group have further developed all the professional drama techniques, including ‘freeze frame’, ‘narration’ and ‘choral speaking’ all of which they included in their performance. Their knowledge and understanding of plot and the characters is reflected in the design elements of their masks. 

Even with a two-week isolation period followed by half term the pupils continued their preparations from home to ensure they were ready for filming week when they returned. 

During these difficult and trying times this project has brought a lot of much needed positivity and has given the students the opportunity to explore their creative side. The performance was pre-recorded in the GEV Theatre and then broadcast on Friday 20th November. It was also featured in the Shakespeare School Festival main live broadcast.   

Please find some time to watch Hamlet on the Melland High School website or follow this link,  we have already been inundated with amazing feedback and have had the loveliest messages on Twitter from parents and carers. We hope staff and students from across the Trust will enjoy watching our talented actors.

The senior Shakespeare Festival coordinator sent us some feedback after viewing the production:

“It is absolutely incredible; I am blown away! Your students have done a wonderful job. They speak their lines with such clarity and understanding, showing so much maturity as young actors. They clearly know the story and their characters inside out. I can’t believe they managed to get to that point in such a short space of time. They should be so proud of themselves, especially after the challenges they have faced this term. Watching this has been a highlight of the last few months for me! Well done to everyone involved.

To find out more about Coram Shakespeare School Festival please follow the link below.

LZ1 Take on Panathalon

LZ1 Which includes the 3B/3C/3D/3E/4E groups are taking part in a national games competition called ‘Panathlon’. Students will participate in skill based sessions focused on multi skills’ challenges such as balance and agility, target aiming and throwing. Activities aim to build confidence and self-belief in all our students as well as providing the 4E’s with opportunities to develop team and leadership skills as they peer mentor Key Stage 3 pupils.

A2s Sensory Celebration of Diwali

This week the A2s have been celebrating Diwali through interactive art and sensory encounters. 

During our Attention Autism sessions, pupils build their engagement through modelled sensory activities. Pupils watched a modelled activity Before working independently to recreate their own experiments, works of art or recipes. 

In line with Diwali, pupils used powder paint to create Rangoli patterns. Pupils enjoyed taking turns to shake the colours of their preference before revealing their artwork and decorating further with glitter and sequins. All pupils enjoyed experimenting with art and exploring Diwali together.

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