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EQUANS Employability and STEM Workshops

Students have been working on developing their ‘Skills for Life’ with Nicki Sorton from Equans – Engie Group. Nicki delivered CV writing sessions in the morning and gave top tips on developing employability skills. She gave advice on the do’s and don’ts of CV writing and how to make your CV stand out from the crowd. Students asked lots of thoughtful questions and will be putting their CV writing skills into practice in work related learning lessons.

During the afternoon sessions students took part in a STEM workshops and worked in small groups to use snap circuits to build different devices such as a musical doorbell, an FM radio, a trip wire and a flying saucer. Students displayed self-management by organising themselves into small groups and teamwork by ensuring each person had a role within the group and they all contributed to the task. Students were left to use their problem solving skills to figure out what all the different components were and to relate them to the circuit diagrams. They demonstrated excellent communication skills by talking to one another throughout the task and listening to feedback. Students showed self-belief by not giving up when their circuits didn’t work the first time and trying to find the faults in their circuits so they could correct them. All students managed to successfully construct several different circuits and we certainly had some budding electricians in the room.

A Warm Welcome for new KS3 Pupils

Mr Hughes Head of KS3 at Melland who would like to thank the dedicated KS3 form tutors for making the transition to high school as smooth as possible while keeping parents and carers updated on the progress of all the new students as they settle into their new routines.

The tutors welcomed their new year 7 students with lots of exciting and informative lessons,

Mr Hughes states that, “We have had nerves and excitement but overall because of the highly successful and personalised transition programme everyone has settled in extremely well and we are delighted with the new cohort as they have all shown great maturity and integrity.”

As part of the introductory sessions, with excitement akin to the Harry Potter ‘Sorting Hat’ scenes, all year 7’s were allocated a House in the very first KS3 assembly since before the pandemic. New students were introduced to the KS3 community and given house badges. They were also given the opportunity to gain some early house points with fun games and activities.

Music Making at Melland

Students accessing the Pre-formal Curriculum at Melland got off to a flying start this week with the first session of their interactive music project with Rachael Moat. Rachael is a Musician and Technology Designer who works with OmniMusic a longstanding partner of Melland whose specialists use Assistive Music Technology (AMT) to enable disabled and non-disabled musicians to make and play music in ambitious, imaginative and creative ways.

Rachael was named Tech4Good IT Volunteer of the Year for her work with music and technology for young people at Royal School Manchester, Seashell. Rachael introduced the G1 group to ‘The Tub’ which is a touch sensitive, multi-sensory switch device which lights up, plays music and vibrates when activated in an accessible way to enable all students to explore and interact with sound. You can even add an additional multi-sensory dimension, by using ‘The Tub’ to turn a bowl of water or custard into an interactive switch!

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