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Coding – Games design

This term KS3 pupils in computing have been understanding instructions in sequences and using logical reasoning to predict outcomes. They have developed their understanding of directional programming and block programming to create basic games.

They have been supported in accessing Microsoft Makecode Arcade to make games then tinker with the script to change variables and sprites. The favourite part for pupils was, once their games were complete they were able to download them onto handheld consoles and play them together to try and beat each other’s scores.

Sho was able to extend her learning by adding her own sounds and develop extra parts to the game. Bryce changes the sprites to make the game funny and makes the game harder by making it faster with more enemies.

OmniMusic Returns

This year saw the return of OmniMusic to Melland High School with LG5 the lucky beneficiaries of their expertise. With two new creative practitioners there is no shortage of musical talents. Ellis is a fantastic guitarist with a natural rapport with the students, while Gareth is a whizz on all things technological plus accessible music equipment giving our students the chance to play along.  The sessions show how music can help to develop many personal skills such as listening to others, taking turns, and confidence building. Students play interactive games using switches and the Sound Beam to activate sounds and visuals making the lessons accessible to all. In collaboration with the two practitioners, we have decided on a theme of ‘Manchester’ on which to base the project for the rest of the year, using a mixture of ‘found’ sounds which we shall record in the city centre, along with samples extracted from well-known Manchester pop songs and improvisational musical input from the students to create a sound collage of our diverse city. There are plans for a ‘work in progress’ performance around Easter, before the completed piece is revealed towards the end of the year.

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