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Improved Reading Outcomes Continues to be a Focus at Melland

Along with the continued development of accessible reading areas and displays across school, students working within the MHS Formal Curriculum Pathway have been learning about the author Roald Dahl and reading his wonderful books including Boy, James and the Giant Peach and The Enormous Crocodile. The 4B group have created amazing animal models representing some of the characters using papier-mache. Models have been made of Humpy-Rumpy – hippo, Roly Poly – bird, Muggle-Wump – monkey, Trunky – elephant, The Enormous Crocodile and The Not So Big Crocodile. Students from the 4C group can also recall all the character names in James and the Giant Peach. In Boy, Roald Dahl describes his life when he was a child. He describes the sweets named liquorice bootlaces as being made from rats’ blood! 4D tasted the liquorice bootlaces and described them as having a strong smell with no real taste! Students in 3C and 4C groups have created an interactive display about James and the Giant Peach and they created peaches using a variety of media. A wide range of staff have also been accessing further training to support students with phonics and strategies to improve reading.

The Enormous Crocodile

3B group have been studying Roald Dahl’s ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ this term in their English lessons. As part of the project lesson, they had the fantastic opportunity of accessing the Multimedia Studio. To support the learning and understanding of the themes and characters the students created a puppet show. They had to create all the sounds for the performance as well as work the puppets. They accessed a variety of instruments and recording technology and had the opportunity to use the specialist cameras and green screen for the first time.

They have recorded their performance and it will be available on the school YouTube channel ready for the Easter Break. They all worked incredibly hard and made lots of progress in their communication, teamwork and self-belief.

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