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Kloodle and Skills for Life

Melland High School have worked in collaboration with Kloodle to develop a meaningful, interactive and robust way of recording evidence and monitoring the impact of the many opportunities and activities undertaken. The platform provides a clear, easy to access process for students to demonstrate reflection and awareness of the skills they have learned and guides them to identify next steps.  

With Kloodle, students and staff work together to create a portfolio of posts, showcasing the development of their skills & character. This portfolio follows them throughout school and onwards. Students can record the many activities they take part in – both in and out of class, in school or out in the wider community. Kloodle enables students to make the link between what they have done and the skills they have used. Students are able to understand and showcase their own personal development and take this with them as they prepare for adulthood.

Visit the Kloodle website here:

Read about the partnership between Melland High School and Kloodle here:

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