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House System


The House System at Melland High School incorporates all aspects of achievement, behaviour and attendance.

Pupils are divided into three houses:

• Da Vinci House – yellow
• Galileo House – green
• Marie Curie House – purple

Points are awarded for good behaviour, progress, achievement and effort, cooperation, helpfulness and good manners.

Each house has been given a specific colour and pupils and staff have been given a coloured badge so that they can easily identify who is in each house.

The House system promotes teamwork and helps to develop healthy competition.

Each pupils’ merits or credits are added into their ‘house scores’ and at the end of the year the winning house will receive a grand prize!

Merit or credit points are rewarded every day and are recorded in the pupil achievement file on SIMS (Schools Information and Management Systems)

Pupils can then exchange their points for prizes and our system of rewards shows that we value each pupil’s progress, achievement and effort.

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