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Sixth Form Duke of Edinburgh

This year the sixth form has introduced the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Bronze award into it’s curriculum. 25 pupils of all abilities will be taking part. The DofE is an internationally recognised award and fits in perfectly with ‘Skills for Life’. So far pupils have taken part in several walks/hikes designed at improving their fitness levels. The pupils have been outstanding so far shown amazing grit and resilience. As the year progresses pupils will be learning a variety of new skills including first aid and map reading, leading into their final expedition.

Remembrance Service at Gorton Cemetery

As we do every year Mr Gleeson, and some students attended the Remembrance Service at Gorton Cemetery. It is a very poignant service and the student’s behaviour was impeccable. Braxton wore his cadet uniform and proudly marched up to the Cenotaph, laid the wreath and then saluted in a smart fashion.  

We will Remember them.

“In the Dark of Night”

In the 6th form our LG3/4 Art Option group have been working extremely hard in their “In the Dark of Night” project so far this term. They have been developing their understanding in contrasting light and dark through using painting techniques such as washing as well as learning about how to use shadows and silhouettes. There have been some great conversations that have come out of this project including discussions about nocturnal animals and getting depth into their pictures. They are extending their knowledge of the artistic world by looking at famous art works in the same theme such as ‘Starry Night’ by Van Gogh.

To further enhance this project the group are soon to meet with Creative producers and artists in residence from 42nd Street in Manchester. They have been offered the opportunity to access 3 weeks of supported art sessions in the studio at 42nd Street which will then culminate in an exhibition of their work. Bringing together learned techniques as well as developing new skills during their sessions at the 42nd Street studio is really exciting and they all look forward to being part of such an exciting project.

Happy, Safe and Free Project

Happy, Safe and Free is a year long, mass participation art project, which aims to explore and develop empathy for refugees and migrants forced to make dangerous journeys to make it to the UK.

10,000 young people across Manchester took part in Happy, Safe and Free project. how to take part in the 8th part of the project. Young people from each participating school were asked to turn the artworks into papier-mache bowls.

The bowls represent the resilience refugees show in re-building their lives after losing happiness, safety and freedom. The bowls were decorated by members of the refugee groups to create unique and purposeful works of art which were exhibited and sold in Part 9 of our year long Happy, Safe and Free project.

Recently Mrs Ahmed went to the Happy, Safe and Free exhibition at the Whitworth Gallery. Here are some photos of her visit and MHS students with their bowls that they made.

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