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Virtual Celebration of Whole School Improvement and Christmas Talent show

The global pandemic has not stopped the superb creative teaching at Melland and our high tech resources have allowed us like many of our academies to continue to celebrate achievement in style.

Well done to everyone involved in this year’s Virtual Celebration of Whole School Improvement and Christmas Talent show. All the staff and pupils came together this week on Microsoft ‘Teams’ to celebrate the achievement of the 2019-2020 School Improvement Priorities.

During the show Mrs Warner thanked all the staff and students, parents and carers and our amazing Governing Body she shared supportive messages from John our CEO and the Central Team, our Chair of Governors Peter Tite, our Vice Chair Chris Beswick and all our highly skilled and supportive governors. Mrs Jordan our Head of Outreach described all the work of the Outreach and BFET EPSO Teams this year in support of our mainstream schools. Mrs Barnett shared some of the ‘Lockdown Highlights’ which ranged from the staff ‘Tea bag Challenge’ to the inspiring Alliance for Learning Lockdown photography competition. Mr Hughes updated us on the website and remote education and showed us film clips from our productions of Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. Mrs Roberts and Mrs Mellows shared all the Careers and WRL highlights and we had a lovely message from Rosie our Career Connect Careers Advisor. Mrs Jordan then described the positive impact of the whole cross-curricular Communication focus and our Heads of Key Stages 3, 4 & 6thForm celebrated the achievements from their departments and announced Armadeep the winner of the Helaina Stone Bravery Award and Remmi the winner of the Ahsan Raza Achievement Award. 

Mr Barlow counted the votes and announced the winners of the House Captain competition for Galileo, Marie Curie and DaVinci Houses. He also celebrated the fantastic attendance figures this term especially in our 6th Form department and Mr Gleeson described how our students took part in the Make your Mark campaign 2020. The Celebration was finished off with a superbly entertaining Talent show which saw staff and students demonstrating their creative skills and talents. Well done everyone involved it was a huge team effort with both staff and students involved at every level and worth every minute!

Confidence in the Kitchen

A shining star! This term we have been delivering an exciting developing independence module with LG3. We have been focusing on developing cooking skills and kitchen competence by using a range of ingredients and cooking resources to make our own meals! One student in particular has really stood out as having the skills, drive and determination to become a really good cook! Shakil has shown a real enthusiasm and a good understanding of how to prepare food, he is working at a high level and developing his independence weekly, a real example to everyone. Well done Shakil and all of LG3!

Creative Media Comes to Life at Melland

As part of the Entry 3 Media accreditation our talented 6th Formers have been researching jobs in media as well as making animations and creating and enhancing the sounds as ‘Foley’ artists. They need to be able to record a sound clip for their own media product and edit them in line with feedback that they have gathered. 

They have been using ‘Lego MovieMaker’ to create their animations, developing the techniques that they have been learning. The process called Stop Frame Animation,they have found, takes a lot of patience to master and is a very slow process with big rewards. 

A second group of 6th Formers have been accessing both iMovie and Garageband to record sounds for Shaun the Sheep. They have been using objects around the learning zones to replicate sounds that would be in the short clip. They will use the skills that they develop here to incorporate into their Lego Animations in January.

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