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Music Making at Melland

Students accessing the Pre-formal Curriculum at Melland got off to a flying start this week with the first session of their interactive music project with Rachael Moat. Rachael is a Musician and Technology Designer who works with OmniMusic a longstanding partner of Melland whose specialists use Assistive Music Technology (AMT) to enable disabled and non-disabled musicians to make and play music in ambitious, imaginative and creative ways.

Rachael was named Tech4Good IT Volunteer of the Year for her work with music and technology for young people at Royal School Manchester, Seashell. Rachael introduced the G1 group to ‘The Tub’ which is a touch sensitive, multi-sensory switch device which lights up, plays music and vibrates when activated in an accessible way to enable all students to explore and interact with sound. You can even add an additional multi-sensory dimension, by using ‘The Tub’ to turn a bowl of water or custard into an interactive switch!

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