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Students Recycle For Greater Manchester

Last week, students from Melland High School Sixth Form had the opportunity to visit a Materials Recovery Facility thanks to Recycle For Greater Manchester to learn about what happens to our recycling after it has been collected.

Students used their teamwork and problem-solving skills to work out how simple scientific principles can be used to separate the waste in our mixed recycling bins into steel, glass, aluminium, clear plastic and coloured plastic. Students also learnt about what happens to our general waste after it goes into the bin and were surprised to learn it is used to generate electricity.

Students found out about a variety of jobs within the Environmental Sector such as Refuse Collectors, Wagon Drivers, Recycling Officers, Engineers and Weighbridge Operators and discovered how Skills for Life are useful for them all.

Students were taken on a tour to see first-hand how the Materials Recovery Facility uses machines to separate the mixed waste and we had the opportunity to meet employees and find out about their role in the process. Students demonstrated self-management skills as they had to make sure they put the PPE on in the correct order, so they were safe and followed the health and safety procedures during the tour.

Students displayed excellent communication skills throughout the encounter and asked relevant and insightful questions about the recycling process and exhibited self-belief when they challenged why we can’t do more to recycle and look after the planet.

Students finished off by putting their newly learnt skills to the test to sort the right rubbish into the right bins. Well done Sixth Form!

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