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Earth and Space

The Science topic for key stage 4 this half term is Earth and Space.

This module includes learning about The Earth’s movements; students will learn that a single rotation of the Earth on its axis takes 24 hours and causes day and night, its revolution around the Sun brings us four seasons and how the southern hemisphere experiences the Sun differently.

The multi-sensory science classroom uses Apollo Ensemble software, this Windows application uses inputs from switches and movement sensors to control multiple outputs, such as sound, lighting and video, providing full interaction and autonomy to students as they learn.

The 4B’s will be emerged into the darkness of Space and explore the effects of the Sun on our planet. The Science classroom is equipped with blackout blinds, beams of light and large planets allowing students to see the Earth’s movements on a large scale.

Using their creativity, knowledge and understanding of this topic the 4B’s will then work collaboratively to produce a documentary style iMovie to teach their peers everything they have learnt about the Earths movements.

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