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Humanities at Melland

The key stage 3 Humanities topics this half term are Mark Making in Art and Map Reading in Geography.

In Art, students have been exploring mark making using a variety of media to create their own patterns. They initially used wax crayons to experiment with various grips and techniques to create their patterns before making their own rubbings using classroom items and incorporating these into their patterns. The students continued to build on these skills when we left the classroom and created our art in the courtyard using chalk and a host of different textures found outside. Last week, the students put their mark making skills into practice to create their very own observational drawings of pineapples. In the coming weeks they will continue to develop their talents by creating self portraits using a range of media.

Map Reading skills have been the focus of Geography lessons this half term. Students have used aerial maps to explore their local area and identify local landmarks. They have made their own maps of the classroom and have recently begun using aerial maps to explore the school grounds. In the coming weeks the students will put their map reading skills to the test as they take part in a friendly orienteering competition within the school grounds.

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