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Springboard Programme “Checking out me history”

Students from KS4 and Sixth Form had an amazing session with Gabriel and Janique from the Springboard Programme at The Black Curriculum. They came into school and made the group come alive with a session on Protest poetry, igniting the learners’ passion and giving them the confidence to speak up proudly and confidently. The session was really well adapted, and the content inspiring and relevant to students who are keen to develop the skills to critically view society and change the world positively. They have been so proud to share their words and artwork with the whole school.

“It was a privilege to be a part of the activity. The poet was inspirational, and the students were incredibly engaged. The whole school would benefit from the experience”. (Teacher)

“Everyone should be involved – it would be a great opportunity for all the students. They all got involved and had a great lesson, speaking up and working with each other to find their voice”. (Teaching Assistant)

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