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Bridgewater Hall SEND Friendly Concert

As the sun illuminated the town with its warm embrace, we embarked on a leisurely stroll through the centre of Manchester, looking forward to a morning of music and community spirit. Upon reaching our destination, the Bridgewater Hall, we were greeted at the door by friendly faces who welcomed us to the venue. We made our way into the auditorium, each of us finding our seats independently, creating a sense of anticipation for the concert ahead.

As the curtain rose and the musicians took their positions, the audience settled in their seats, ready for the musical journey that lay ahead. It didn’t take long for the event to take an interactive turn. Our eager pupils stepped up to the front of the stage, infusing the performance with their enthusiasm as they added playful actions to the songs. Soon, the entire audience was drawn into the magic of the moment, with everyone joining in, singing along, and mimicking the lively actions. Laughter and joy filled the air as the music created a memorable experience that left us all with a great sense of connection and a shared love for music.

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Melland High School
Gorton Education Village
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