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MHS Culture and Diversity Celebration

On May 10th, the whole school community attended the fabulous Melland High School Celebration of Culture and Diversity Day. The event was a huge success with an amazing turnout from students, parents, carers and families. The theatre was filled with a wide range of interactive stalls, games and competitions to help the students learn about culture and diversity.  We had delicious food and drink prepared and donated by families which was much appreciated by all, and the atmosphere was one of belonging, respect and enjoyment of our diverse school population.  Melland High School community has over 16 ethnicities and 22 home languages. Many of our students and staff are proud to be bilingual and this was reflected on the day.

 This was followed in the afternoon by a whole school assembly on the theme of Culture and Diversity. This included live performances from students, a traditional clothing parade where students wore their outfits with pride, and music selected by students to share with others as well as opportunities to reflect on what culture and diversity looks like and means to us.

What a wonderful day highlighting our whole school ethos of belonging and based on one of our key principles – to promote, respect and value diversity.  

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