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Drumming with Rome

Rome Mossabir is back for another spell of drumming with the students of Learning Zone 2. Every Wednesday morning the classes take it in turns to file into the Media Studio for forty minutes of West African rhythm and song, with Rome taking them to ever greater heights of rhythmic proficiency and vocal exuberance. Students practice familiar routines in which they match rhythms to spoken phrases. They take it in turns to lead the call and response routines. They practice sections where singing and chanting is punctuated with sections of drumming, the routines becoming gradually more complex as they get the hang of the previous sections. With Rome’s help students attain heights of expertise they might never have believed they could reach. The students come out of their sessions evidently enthused and enthusiastic as the next class go in to take up the baton. The pounding of drums suffuses the whole of the learning zone throughout the morning, setting feet a tapping and bringing a song to the lips of all within earshot. And it is this that brings that extra vim and vigour to all on the zone and not least the SLT. And of course, most especially, the students of LZ2.

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