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What’s My Job? Day – Students Explore the Workplace

Students in key stage 3 and 4 had a busy morning taking part in the What’s My Job? Activity run by the North Manchester Business Network.

Employers from City Events and Productions, Abuka, D4 Care, CRUK Construction, Manchester City Council, Crystal Hive, YES Manchester CIC, Equans, Manchester NHS Foundation Trust and SharpFutures gave up their morning to come into school and be quizzed by the students. The students asked the volunteers a series of questions about their jobs to try and determine what their career is and the sector they worked in.

Students gained insight into a variety of different work sectors and gained valuable knowledge about different careers and the pathways into employment. Students demonstrated excellent Skills for Life and utilised their communication skills by asking lots of questions related to employability. They also showed excellent problem-solving skills by guessing what the jobs were from the props they were shown and the answers to their questions. Students successfully guessed what most of the jobs were even though some were quite difficult!

A massive thanks goes to Teun form the North Manchester Business Network for organising the activity and coordinating the business volunteers, and of course thanks to the volunteers themselves for giving up their time to be here. Thanks to all the staff who supported the morning in running smoothly, in particular Debbie Mellows for looking after the volunteers on the day and Paul Morgan and the Media Crew for taking photos, filming the encounters and interviewing the employers.

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