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Reframe: Inspire Schools

Melland High School pupils were offered an amazing creative opportunity this term. We were invited to take part in Reframe: Inspire Schools creative project with Factory International supported by Apple. The programme was a unique opportunity for our school to respond to the climate emergency in a creative way, providing pupils with the opportunity to use their artistic knowledge, learn new digital skills, and make their own ‘zine’; a DIY, self-published magazine.

The project focused on different curriculum areas, including computing, art, design, citizenship and English. Pupils involved ranged from new year 7s experiencing their first creative project to experienced 6th form media crew pupils. All worked together creatively on the latest Apple technology with an iPad Pro each equipped with Apple pencil. Using apps such as GarageBand, iMovie, Pages and Sketch.

The project was run by established artists over 4 days in our multi-media studio. We had input from poets, film makers and sculptures sharing their knowledge and creativity with our young people.

The zine project provided our young people with the opportunity to have their voices heard on a national scale and serves as a call to action for our school community, galvanising individual and collective action for positive and purposeful change.

The zine will be shared on the school website once it has been published so please keep an eye out for the fantastic work that has been produced. Following this highly successful project, Melland will be working more with Factory International in September where we were successful in our application to have a creative one day a week for the next academic year. We feel extremely lucky to be working with such an amazing group and can’t wait to see more of our pupils have an opportunity to explore their creative sides.

Melland ‘Park Heroes’ Zine

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