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New Resources Supporting PMLD Pupils

The students in our PMLD classes have been exploring some new resources to support our Positive Looking programme.  For students with visual difficulties, providing a good contrast between the background and an object can help them to focus their attention.  This may be achieved by having a plain black, white or coloured background or by using a light box.  Having a transparent tray on top of the box helps to keep the object being explored from escaping!  Another new piece of equipment is a small disco ball.  Here it is being operated by a student via the yellow switch, a large button that is pressed in order to complete the power circuit.  This gives students more independence as they choose to turn the lights on or off.  The disco ball also helps students with visual impairments to practice tracking the lights across the wall or ceiling.  A lot of concentration is needed to focus on and track objects, but our new equipment is helping us to make it fun for our students as well as developing their visual awareness skills.

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