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New Learning Environment

Pupils enthusiastically explore their new learning environment at Melland!

An exciting start to the year has seen a newly adapted complex needs department unveiled to pupils at Melland High School.  We have expanded personalised pathways for complex learners to include: three teaching groups and a fully adapted learning environment.

Learners have already begun to explore the expanded learning space and are benefiting from the newly resourced specialist equipment and tailored curriculum. Complex learners are supported to encounter, explore and gain skills in areas all of communication, sensory regulation and emotional understanding. Alongside the consistent promotion of independence. The specialised equipment is key to facilitating positive interactions and promote a range of personalised learning opportunities.  Pupils are learning about art, drama, music and physical wellbeing alongside social learning and personal development as well as improving their literacy and numeracy/problem solving skills.

The new space has been really well received by all pupils who now have access to a wider range of learning opportunities and regulatory support. Pupils are also empowered to make their own choices and are inspired to communicate their needs and feelings through personalised engagement.

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