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My Environment and the World Around Me

This year as part of the exploration into the topic ‘My Environment and the World Around Me’ the A3 group have been focusing on the passing of time and the repetition of key events over time through the year. Also they have been exploring the meaning of connections that students have with different times of the year and their own lives in terms of what a particular time of the year might mean for them and their families.

Taking September as a start we have explored Autumn and Winter and observed the changes that happen in nature. Pupils have worked both independently and in small groups to recreate their own edition of a seasonal soundscape using musical instruments, sensory exploration and works of art to represent autumn and winter scenes.

We also recognised the connection between the seasons and specific events and festivals and celebrated a variety of them such as the bonfire night, Remembrance Day and the Christmas season.

With the help of the Multimedia studio the students have made a video to demonstrate all the changes they have noticed throughout the year and the passing of each season.

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