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Key Stage 3 Explore Treasure Island

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

The students in the formal pathway have been studying Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Jim Hawkins is the main character, the protagonist who seeks an adventure aboard the Hispaniola Ship to find Captain Flint’s treasure. Students learn more about Jim Hawkins and how the character overcomes the unruly pirates who are influenced by pirate Long John Silver. In response to learning about the story which is set on an island, the students decided to create islands using a range of media. Through discussions, reading the story and role play the students created their own island which they named Sunset Island. If Jim Hawkins landed on Sunset Island he would discover:

  • Tall palm tree
  • Rough sea
  • Hot sand
  • Rocky mountain

In contrast some students recreated Treasure Island and the Hispaniola ship using Lego. Can you spot the pirate who walked the plank! 

Pupil Voice

JW – If I was on an island I would be strong and tough like Long John Silver.

HA – I think I would be scared on an island by myself just like Ben Gunn who was marooned on Skelton Island for 3 years!

IH – If I sailed on the Hispaniola I would be the captain and be in charge.

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