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ICT & Creative Media R & D at Melland

ICT Research and Development, digital culture and the development of digital literacy skills is alive and well at Melland with the ICT and Media Team conducting some research into new technologies that can enhance teaching and learning in the classroom and beyond. We have recently invested in lots of new high tech products such as an Oculus Rift to provide students with a virtual reality (VR) experience, a high powered PC to run the oculus effectively plus some iPad pros for the students to demonstrate their creativity in image manipulation and editing.  

We have also been able to invest in new equipment to enhance our multi-media performances making them as imaginative, high tech, creative and effective as possible which includes equipment for video/image capture and software to enhance the productions. The students have really enjoyed using some of the equipment as part of the testing process and are excited in anticipation of the next stage of the process when we introduce these contemporary, digital learning tools into the classroom on a regular basis. 

As outstanding educators we know that when teachers are digitally literate and trained to use ICT, these approaches can, lead to the development of higher order thinking skills, provide creative and individualised options for students to express their understandings and leave students better prepared to deal with ongoing, fast moving technological change in society and in the workplace. 

The team will be evaluating the impact on teaching, learning, progress and achievement, engagement and enjoyment and feeding back and sharing good practice so the whole school can benefit from the use of the new equipment and the innovative projects developed. 

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