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G1’s Explore Their Senses

G1 have been introduced to a new book this term – Elmer the Elephant, and they have also been learning about the sounds of different instruments in Music. 

Each week we listen to the story Elmer the Elephant, a story that celebrates being different. Our new focus and theme this term is ‘I am Unique’. Whilst listening to the story of Elmer the pupils use their senses to really engage in the story. The pupils are given a choice of soft toys animals to explore that are in the story such as crocodiles, lions and giraffes. We also practise our painting skills – covering Elmer in grey paint, or ‘berry juice’ just like in the story. The pupils have been working hard to press big mac switches to listen to the different noises in the story such as the different animal noises. During our Art lesson we decorated milk cartons to look like Elmer with colourful tissue paper, googly eyes and glue. They light up nicely with tealight lights!

In Music we have been listening to the sounds of different instruments – Acoustic and electric guitar, the piano, the violin, the saxophone, drums and the trumpet. The pupils listen to the instrument sounds, and make the sounds themselves by using big mac switches, then listen to the instruments in different songs and genres of music. The class are beginning to get used to the different sounds and starting to show preferences for some instruments over others. The trumpet and the saxophone seem to be popular (listening to James Brown and The Madness), however the electric guitar isn’t as much of a favourite so far (listening to Gun’s N Roses)!

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