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Barnado’s NHS Health Challenge Workshop

Key Stage 3 pupils took part in a Barnado’s ‘NHS Health Challenge Workshop’ this week. They explored their thought in groups on what the NHS is and ways that they keep themselves healthy. They shared their opinions on a variety of ‘challenge packs’ to provide Barnado’s feedback on the best ways to share and support young people with health and wellbeing. The activities were fun and engaging and all students benefitted while developing their teamwork, problem solving skills and communication.

As a thank you for their participation all students involved received a certificate along with a £20 gift voucher that can be spent in many stores including Argos, WH Smith and Footlocker plus many more.

Feedback from our visitors was amazing. They were impressed not only with the quality of input but also the exemplary behaviour, attitude, and focus. All KS3 represented Melland High School amazingly and should be very proud of their efforts.

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