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A2 Road Safety Lessons

As the summer holidays approach and we will be out and about more enjoying the nice weather, it is important for us to keep ourselves and our friends safe. When the A2 group discussed this in class, we felt that it would be good if we practiced using the Green Cross Code to cross the road safely.

We watched some videos about road safety and Mrs Morris told us that she joined The Tufty Club when she was at school. We found a Tufty video on you tube and enjoyed watching the squirrel and his friends learning how to cross the road. Mrs Morris said that she had a special club badge and certificate, which she was very proud of!

In the classroom we practiced ‘Stop, Look and Listen’ using a small set of traffic lights. We learnt how the lights for the pedestrians (that is us!) changed, from the red standing man to the green walking man, only when the lights for the cars were on red for ‘STOP’. We had fun operating the lights and watching the sequences repeating to make sure that the pedestrians got their turn to cross the road.

Outside, in our school carpark, we have some zebra crossings to allow people to cross over. They don’t have lights, but we know that sometimes we have to cross roads that have no lights or crossing places, so thinking about where it is safe to cross is also important. We took turns to cross the road but it was sometimes hard to remember to keep looking as we crossed, especially when our friends were already on the other side. This made us think about how careful we have to be, remembering to cross use the Green Cross Code so that we get to the other side to meet our friends.

We are going to keep practicing every time we go out and need to cross the road. All the class want to enjoy being out during the summer and to keep ourselves and our friends as safe as possible.

Do you use the Green Cross Code every time you cross a road?

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